InvesTech start-up Octanom launches AI-backed platform

InvesTech start-up Octanom launches AI-backed platform
InvesTech start-up Octanom launches AI-backed platform

The InvesTech start-up that aims to be “India’s largest retail movement” for traders and investors

InvesTech start-up Octanom Tech, to provide investment and trading solutions to retail investors, has launched its first artificial intelligence-backed platform, Hedged.

The InvesTech start-up that aims to be “India’s largest retail movement” for traders and investors is a technology firm, building platforms in the financial market space.

Retail participation in the Indian capital market has risen multifold in the last couple of years and the trend is expected to continue in the near term.

‘Hedged’ will give traders hedged options trades, powered by a combination of proprietary algorithms.

The InvesTech start-up said in a release that its in-built Nifty crash meter — the only predictive tool of its kind — will forecast the onset of a crash or an up move before it happens, and help investors position their portfolios accordingly.

To protect investors’ wealth from market volatility, the platform also offers curated micro-sized investment funds with built-in hedges.

With a view to provide relevant information on trading and investment, the application also offers ‘Hedged TV’ which will provide tailored information and learning.

“More than 50% of Indians’ savings are tied up in bank deposits, which has a huge opportunity cost due to suboptimal returns. India is a ripe market that is primed for a growth spurt and I think it’s about time that our people, our home-grown investors, become active participants and integral beneficiaries of this incredible growth story that is in the making,” said Rahul Ghose, founder and CEO of Octanom Tech, while launching the application.

The InvesTech start-up plans to bring this tech to retail traders and investors, while fund managers and investment bankers have access to technology that can aid their decision-making process.

Over the next two years in India and in the US, the company plans to disrupt the online retail trading space with three similar revolutionary platforms.

The Hedged app is available on the Google Play Store, and will be available on the Apple App store later this month.

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