Mayo Clinic Collaborates with Cerebras Systems to Advance AI in Health Care

Mayo Clinic Collaborates with Cerebras Systems to Advance AI in Health Care
Mayo Clinic Collaborates with Cerebras Systems to Advance AI in Health Care

The Mayo Clinic, a charity medical center in Minnesota, announced that it will team up with Silicon Valley company Cerebras Systems to develop artificial intelligence (AI) models for the health care industry.

In order to build artificial intelligence (AI) models for the health care business, the Mayo Clinic, a charitable medical center in Rochester, Minnesota, will collaborate with Silicon Valley company Cerebras Systems, they announced on Monday.

The Mayo Clinic, which has three major campuses in the United States as well as facilities in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, will use Cerebras processing chips and systems to access decades of anonymized medical records and data to construct its own AI models.

Some of the models, according to Matthew Callstrom, Mayo’s medical director for strategy and chair of its radiology department, will be able to read and write text to do things like summarize the most relevant sections of a lengthy medical record for a new patient. Other models will be able to examine photographs for patterns that educated medical specialists’ eyes may miss, as well as evaluate genetic data. The system will not make medical decisions; doctors will continue to do so.

“How do you decide what is best for each patient?” You must consider all of these aspects, and you must have extensive experience. That’s where AI comes in to help,” Callstrom explained.

Mayo intends to make the results of its collaboration with Cerebras available on its Mayo Clinic Platform, a data network used by the Mercy health care system in the United States, the University Health Network in Canada, as well as systems in Brazil and Israel.

Mayo has not yet decided how much it will charge for the AI technology, according to Callstrom. The clinic intended to announce the new initiative during a speech at JPMorgan Chase’s health care conference in San Francisco.

Cerebras CEO Andrew Feldman stated that the deal was a “multi-million-dollar” multi-year agreement but declined to provide further details. Cerbras, one of the AI chip startups vying to take on market leader Nvidia, will provide both hardware and software development services to Mayo under the deal.

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