WhatsApp business customers are charged with services

Whatsapp businesses customers are charged with services

WhatsApp Business has over 50 million business users

WhatsApp actually charges a token amount – a few cents per message – to text users to certain businesses.

WhatsApp will shortly start charging corporations for its Enterprise Chat services, the Facebook-owned messaging giant revealed in a blog post on Thursday.

WhatsApp Corporation, which has more than 50 million business users, has announced a pay-to-message alternative for companies, “We will charge business customers for some of the offerings we provide that will help WhatsApp continue to grow its own business while offering and expanding free end-to – end encrypted messaging, video and voice calling for more than two billion people.”

WhatsApp has not disclosed the pricing details for company services. But the Business App will remain complete.

WhatsApp revealed a Thursday update targeted at businesses using its API, a software interface that helps companies to monitor message threads for their clients outside the app, such as through a third-party dashboard.

WhatsApp actually charges a small fee to some companies – a few cents per post – to give users items like receipts and confirmation notifications through the app instead of email.