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A career in the technology industry has a vast scope, says Dipesh Malaviya, IT Lead at Nivea India

Digital literacy improves based on independent research/collaboration or adapting quickly to new technology or learning new technology

When asked what digital literacy is and why it matters, Dipesh Malaviya, IT Lead at Nivea India, in an exclusive interview with CIO News, said:

  • The high level of digital literacy is increasing the range of digital knowledge. As everyone looks to the internet as a key source of information, understanding the basics of digital platforms, as well as what kind of information they are posting on social media, is essential.
  • The ability to communicate digitally effectively and responsibly is key to a young person’s future, since every career in the world relies on it.
  • The use of digital knowledge makes things informal and beads the burden if we use them wisely.
  • Digital literacy improves based on independent research/collaboration or adapting quickly to new technology or learning new technology.

When asked about his views on digitally up-skilling the youth in the post-COVID era, he said:

  • It’s a fact that technology enables an easy life for everyone.
  • Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more complex, making it more difficult to find and retain the right talent with the expert.
  • Many organisations are now moving from manual processes to digitalized processes, which show they are entering into the digital era.
  • These remote opportunities are particularly beneficial for young people who have been affected by the crisis.
  • Then everyone needs to upgrade their skills.

When asked how youth can be digitally empowered and what kinds of exposure and engagement opportunities in the educational curriculum educational institutes can implement to increase youth interest in up-scaling their digital skills, he said:

  • Many organisations or private bodies offer many online courses where youth can enrol themselves and improve their skills, which help them to be empowered.
  • In the rural areas, youth have more opportunities to interact with people from different geographical locations.
  • A basic awareness programme or camping needs to be arranged for youth.
  • The Digital Education curriculum now includes a course in the Cyber Security Awareness program, broadening the scope of digital learning.

When asked if it should become a must for schools, colleges, and other educational institutes to conduct workshops or crash-course programmes to drive the importance of technology for businesses, he said:

  • Everyone entering the digital era must now begin digital literacy courses and incorporate them into their curriculum.
  • The pandemic has also opened several encounters for education and training systems related to the digital dimensions of education and training, teacher training, and overall levels of digital skills.
  • During the pandemic, an education and training system showed that they are fit for the digital age and are ready to quickly adopt new technology.
  • As digital literacy grows, so, too, do cyber security risks or threats from a personal or professional standpoint. To mitigate that risk, youth should know the pros and cons of the digital era.

When asked about the advice he would give to youth considering their career in the technology industry, what they should know about the industry before starting their career, and what challenges they could face and how they would overcome the challenges, he said:

  • “A career in the technology industry has a vast scope.” It ranges from supportive policies used to enable content, access, and use of information.
  • Youth must understand their skills and capabilities accordingly. They have to choose the correct path.
  • As the tech scope is vast, if they keep rolling here and there, then it will be a big concern. Everyone is not an expert in all areas, so he or she needs to define the area where you need to develop an area and have expertise, so in their career they progress like a rocket.
  • Data Engineer/Expert.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Cyber Security Analysis.
  • DevOps.

He highlighted:

  • Everyday technology is changing, as is the way technology advances. We must stay current with technology and be ready to adopt new technology.
  • In my view, the following technology plays a bigger role in features:
    • Artificial Intelligence.
    • Machine Learning.
    • Devops Engineer.
    • Cloud Computing.

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