Staying positive while working from home


The Covid-19 crisis and our efforts to flatten the curve have brought in various changes in life, both personal and professional. ‘Work from home’ is a new fact for many people. It also was recommended by the government and medical staff to ensure proper functioning of the economy while maintaining the safety and health of employees. All of a sudden, the Zoom meetings are as important as our morning coffee. Are the days of early morning conference room briefings gone? They may have not disappeared forever, but we will see adaptation to this fairly new culture of working from home. Home is your new office. People face difficulties – change, technology, dividing living space and workspace, keeping the spirit of this new home-style work. Yet slowly get used to it, and treat it as another new normal.

Covid-19 has led both governments and businesses to find a way to function while minimizing the spread of the virus. While restricting regular travel and corporate travel, companies worldwide are focusing on how to get the most from their employees while asking them to stay away from work stations. Of course, some areas, such as those involved in health care, manufacturing and other critical industries, can not work from home. Most employees in other industries may be required to work remotely.

Staying positive and optimistic when working at home during a pandemic may be a huge challenge.Your bodies immune system reacts abnormally which diminishes the capability of it’s function.The only key to manifesting wonderful well-being is to try and calm one’s mind and focus on constructive and wellness activities, to find a path towards making ourselves more resilient while working from home. Gupta shares 5 tips you can start doing today to improve and enhance your positive outlook.

Fabricating a Positive Workstation

There should be a separate workstation so that you can concentrate while working from home. It would be great if the work desk were located somewhere near the window or the balcony door, so that sunlight, fresh air and a view of the plants and birds can be welcomed during the day. Try to set up your table and chair ergonomically so that you keep your posture right while you’re working the whole day. Keeping one or two indoor plants near your desk will help make it interesting.

Keep your laptop wires and other stuff neatly on your desk to avoid overwhelming yourself. Motivation quotes around you will help to make you positive overall. Keep your notes and pen handy at your desk. It’s always going to help keep some colourful artefacts around you to make the atmosphere a little cheerful.

Declutter Your Workstation

Avoid pilling up files and unnecessary stationery on your workstation. Clutter is responsible for confusion and problems all around and leads to distraction; therefore, a clean desk reflects the power that enhances positivity and creates a quiet workspace that helps your mind focus on productivity. It’s important to declutter your work desk once in a couple of days because physical clutter translates into mental clutter.

Gratitude Notes in workstation and how to manifest

It’s a great morning practice to write at least five things that you’re grateful for. It helps shift the focus from negative to positive, from scarcity to abundance. You can write gratitude statements on Post’s notes and put them at work on a daily basis. This will increase your vibrations and help you stay grounded and positive. You can also compile affirmations and prayers that you resonate to. It’s a good idea to read these every time you take work breaks.

Crystals to imbibe positivity at the workstation

Selenite is a great crystal to spread light and positivity. Black tourmaline absorbs negativity and is great to protect you from this during the lockdown. Shungite is a great crystal that reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation around you. You can place it close to your wifi router, laptop and other devices to reduce the impact of EMF pollution on you and your family. Clear quartz is great for energizing you after a tiring meeting. Just hold it in your left hand with eyes closed for five minutes and visualise beautiful energy entering your body and soul.

Meditate, Do Pranayam and Stay Hydrated!

It is important to take short breaks in order to maintain productivity at work. Being summer, it’s a good idea to get up for a water break at least once in 30 minutes. Even if you keep a bottle of water next to you, walking in the kitchen for water will help your physical body to get some much-needed movement.